How To Stop Being Jealous

Although we have been led to believe that jealousy is a demonstration of love, in reality, it is quite the opposite, in fact, it is jealousy that is ending the healthy coexistence causing one of the parties to leave the union. While it is true that jealousy becomes normal, when it is extreme it becomes a pathology that can put the physical and emotional integrity of the couple at risk.

Jealousy is caused by insecurity and unrealistic ideas of the person who owns it, in fact, it often causes obsessive thoughts that are not healthy at all. The problem with this is that sometimes the couple fails to overcome it by itself and it is necessary to go with a specialist to eradicate it, yet there is a way to end it.

How To Stop Being Jealous

1. Acknowledge that you behave in a jealous way.

Recognizing the problem is essential to find the solution, if you do not recognize that your behavior is damaging the relationship, it is not healthy and causes you pain you will not be able to eliminate it. It is very difficult to recognize when we are failing, so you must be honest with yourself.

2. Have will to change.

Once you have recognized that you are a jealous person, the next step is to do something to change the way you are. Change is not easy, especially when you think that you are going to lose what you most want, therefore you must put all your energy and effort into never be jealous with your partner. If you are aware that your behavior is not right, you will be able to modify it.

3. Detect the jealousy.

Since you recognize that you are a jealous person and are willing to change, it is important that you detect what are the situations that cause you to feel insecure with your partner, or the fears that are presented to you. It is important that you identify the moments when you lose your nerves or if the thoughts are real or the result of your imagination.

4. Think realistically.

It is time that you are honest with yourself and wonder if your behavior is not being exaggerated. Sometimes we see our partnership with another person and we begin to create stories that move away from reality or in its defect, he has not given you reasons to suspect, but still you get jealous.

5. Work in yourself.

Remember that jealousy is the consequence of insecurity and low self-esteem, therefore you must work on them to avoid them. Jealous people generally suffer from a great emotional dependence and the fear of being abandoned never leaves them, that is why they “watch over” the person so they don’t do it.

6. Trust your couple.

It is one of the most important, do not forget that trust is one of the pillars of the relationship so if you do not have it with your partner it will be impossible for you to eradicate your jealousy. For a relationship to be healthy, it must be based on respect and mutual trust, you must let him enjoy his life, have his own space and not spoil what made possible for you to be together.

7. Forget the past.

Maybe the bad experiences you had are making the present no longer inspire you security, but as painful as they may have been, the best thing you can do is turn the page because if you do not, you will never be happy. You learn and mature from unpleasant events, you don’t have to fall for the same thing, especially if you don’t want to. Not every man will hurt you.

8. Improve the couple relationship.

Only by expressing what you feel and want and, above all, listening to what your partner wants and has to tell you, will you make trust grow and affective bonds strengthen.

Leaving insecurity on the one hand, communicating with the couple and knowing everything you’re worth will stop you from being jealous and enjoying the relationship.