How To Be The Choice Of A Womanizing man

The womanizing man is the modern, lighter version of the famous Casanova or Don Juan.

He boasts of being able to conquer any woman, and his fame seems to be right.

The wise thing would be to get away from this human specimen and go for someone more sensible, but not: you want to be their chosen one.

Keep this in mind:

How To Be The Choice Of A Womanizing man

1. You can not change him, do you want to try anyway?

The belief that love conquers everything is false.

This type of males will not change unless something makes him wonder what he is doing with his life, looks himself in the mirror and decides to change.

But that will not come from you, but from him. It is very difficult to change his lifestyle just because you ask.

Yes, anyways you want to try, well, it will be an almost impossible challenge.

2. Keep in mind that he is a child (in an adult body).

The womanizer is, in reality, a child who tries desperately to prove to himself (and his environment) what a man he is.

And, for that, he conquers as many women as possible, because that is what “makes him a man”. Attending to his most basic needs, conquering women like a monarch conquering territories, little more than sex he gives women.

And a child is not ready for an adult relationship.

3. Do not fall into his networks.

Oh, how easy it is to say it.

The first thing he will try to do is conquer you, which will put you on the same level as all the other girls he has left behind.

Keep in mind that to fall, is to be defeated, so do not give in.

Men love the thrill of hunting.

4. Avoid trying to go from “conquest” to “stable girlfriend”.

If you prefer to go for the option you’ve seen in romantic movies, the reality is against you.

Thus you will become one more, not the one with which he wants to be and leave his past behind, reformed by your love.

You are real people, not characters in a romantic movie.

5. Behave as an equal.

The position of superiority is something usual in him, so placing yourself as a subordinate is what he expects you to accept.

Have your own life and make the womanizer know that he is part of your life, but he is not your whole life.

6. Talk about your interests.

Keep his mind away from his goal with you (understand, having sex) and propose other topics.

Being a person, it is evident that he will have other interests besides sex, and the remainder in a subtle way will make him, at least for a few moments, to stop seeing you as a prey.

7. Redirect his attention.

This is somewhat closer to cheating. When he starts flirting with you, talk to him about something that makes him feel vulnerable.

It is preferable that it is something that makes him show his gentler side (assuming he has one).

8. Do not always be available.

As a person with a life of your own, sometimes you can hear him and sometimes not.

If he calls you when you’re working, say something like “I can not right now, I’m at work” and hang up.

The “let’s talk later” is optional. If you do not learn to respect yourself, you will not be seen as an official girlfriend.

9. Do not go to intimacy right away.

The goal of the womanizer is sex, with as many women as possible.

When he proposes to you, in a more or less subtle way, tell him that you prefer to wait for the right man for that level of intimacy.

Do not give to understand that he is the indicated, and repeat it until he understands it.

10. Be subtle.

Avoid the modus operandi of the girls he is used to conquering, and flirt with him in a subtle way.

Use a light approach and let him get interested in you little by little.

11. Patience is a virtue.

When he realizes that he will not get what he wants immediately, he will start observing other possible victims.

Do not pay attention and talk as if it does not affect you. In this way, you will show him that you are a self-confident female.

And does he feel too little for you?

This question will sting his ego, because it may be true.