How To Be Single Without Dying In The Attempt

We tend to give so much importance to finding love and forming a couple, that being single can be a challenge.

We feel there’s something wrong with us for not being lucky in love, our self-esteem goes down because we do not feel good with ourselves and that is something that we must change NOW!

Surely you have heard the typical sayings like: “Better to be alone than badly accompanied” but it is really important to be well with oneself before starting any relationship.

You even have to tear down the myth that you have to be in a relationship to be happy. If you have faced a breakup and feel that the world is ending, do not be dramatic!

If you learn to be single without dying in the attempt, you will discover a new world more fun and happy.


How To Be Single Without Dying In The Attempt

1. Relax.

The first thing you should do is relax, leave behind the pressures and stress of finding the right guy.

Getting desperate is the worst thing you can do at a time like this.

Remember that you will not be single forever and it is time to enjoy a stage with yourself.

This stage can be a challenge if you have gone from relationship to relationship and you have never really been alone.

However, it is a great opportunity to learn to enjoy your own company and value time with yourself.

2. Enjoy life.

Going out to eat, doing activities with your friends, visiting your family or reading a book in the sun, are some of the things you can do to enjoy life and every moment.

It does not make sense to stay depressed, locked up and watching romantic movies.

Life is too short! So you must make the most of every opportunity. Think that if you do not leave your house or you do not take off your pajamas you will never have the opportunity to find an interesting boy.

3. Learn a new hobby.

If you have always been in a relationship, you have probably given up some things or postponed some dreams.

There is nothing wrong with that because it is about relationships that complement each other and learning to give in.

However, you should see this new stage as an opportunity to do those things you could never do. From learning a new hobby to remodeling your house, taking a dance class or dedicating more time to the gym.

4. Give yourself time.

Being able to be well alone, being happy and enjoying, does not happen overnight.

You must be patient and give yourself time to enjoy this new situation. To achieve this, you must leave behind negative thoughts and moments of depression.

Learn to laugh at any circumstance, surround yourself with friends that help you stay positive, focus on your studies or your career, and you’ll see how you can enjoy being single, putting together your own schedules, cooking when and however, you want.

If you leave behind the pressures and negativity and concentrate on yourself, you will learn to enjoy every moment.

Be cute, meet new and interesting people, enjoy with your friends forever and you will see that you can enjoy and be happy without having a man next to you.