How To Ask Someone You Like For A Kiss

Do not stay with the desire to give that desired kiss to that person that makes you sigh. Here we tell you how!

Sure you have had that intense desire to kiss that person that you love, but you don’t know how to ask him, how do I tell him that I love his lips? These are questions that can even make you laugh when you think about it, but it can turn into suffering if you do not look for a way to at least let that person know that you want a kiss from him.

If it is difficult for you to take the initiative, Here we share some tips that will be useful so that you do not remain in “What if I had done this or that?” It is better to always try because you never know what could happen. At least you will know if it is possible or not. But to help you a little with this urge to kiss that person.

How To Ask Someone You Like For A Kiss

1. Firstly, if you are not friendly with that person, start by getting closer and somehow cross some words, you can ask a friend for support. That way you will have a little more confidence and you will know what to do and how to do to achieve the purpose of giving him a kiss.

2. Make a little written message and leave it in its place, or send it to your friend, one where it says “Could you give me a kiss?” o Something more subtle and friendly. “Hi, I’m thinking about how to tell you that I want to kiss you, what do you think?” You will surely make him smile and he will answer you.

3. If that person is already your friend, this should be easier, and you can be more direct, when you are in a moment of trust you can tell him, I have always wanted to know how you kiss.

4. You can add him to your social networks, and little by little talk to that person until you manage to confess that you would like to steal a kiss.

5. If you add him to WhatsApp and send him a subtle message, don’t be so direct because you can scare him away. You can start with a simple hello. and let the conversation flow until you tell him that he has fancy lips.

Some experts say that you already have No in your mind and that it is time to go for the YES, look for and exhaust all the alternatives to get what you want, without harming anyone. It is also smart to accept when you can not, but at least you do not want to stop trying. Good luck and may your kiss be unforgettable!

You can also steal the kiss, do not hesitate when you have the opportunity to do so, give it a try. There are those who dream of someone arriving and stealing a kiss.