Details That Will Make You Look More Elegant

The elegance of a woman does not depend on excesses, but on small details that make the difference.

What is really an elegant woman?

Surely it comes to your mind someone with many jewels, expensive clothes, and an extravagant attitude as if taken from a classic movie.

The truth is that the elegance that a woman possesses depends not only on the clothes she wears but also on her attitude, feelings, and behaviors.

All women can be elegant regardless of money or brands, the important thing is to know when, where and how to dress.

And to achieve this, I bring you 5 basic tips that you have to put into practice if you want to add a more sophisticated touch to your personality and style.


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Details That Will Make You Look More Elegant

1. Do not fall into exaggeration.

No woman is happy to look too artificial and that applies when it comes to an exaggerated style.

The most important thing is to always maintain the balance between the elements of your appearance and choose only one piece to highlight.

2. Absolute cleanliness.

You can wear the most expensive clothes in the world but if you do not take care of the appearance of your clothes they will not shine.

The elegance lies in being always neat with your appearance.

Wear clean clothes and shoes, without stains or bad smells, even if they are not new or are an expensive brand, what matters is to see yourself always neat.

3. Always use the correct size.

I love this part because it is very true!

Sometimes we think that if we use a smaller size this will make us look thinner and therefore more attractive, but this is a total error.

When it comes to elegance and style, size matters little.

What you should focus on is to wear clothes that you feel comfortable with and that are also practical.

Truly, the difference is notorious.

4. Wear appropriate clothes for every occasion.

Being smart does not mean you have to wear a black dress, sneakers, gloves and a wide-brimmed hat to go to the supermarket, seriously, nothing to do with that.

What you should do is to have a collection of clothes that can serve you at different times and places to combine them when necessary.

You can wear a pair of jeans, with a cute blouse, nice heels and look sophisticated casually, for example for a date at the movies or to go to the cafe with your friends.

5. Be true to yourself.

In the end, the elegance, fashion, and style will depend on your personality.

The most important thing is that you express who you are by means of your look and that you print a unique vision in the memory of people.

There is nothing more unfavorable than trying to be someone who you are not, to pretend and to be artificial.

Be yourself and everything will look amazing.