Characteristics Of “Adult” Women

Do you think you are an adult woman?

How many of these phrases do you identify with?




Characteristics Of “Adult” Women

1. You are committed to what you want to do in life.

There is no problem in not knowing what to do with your life, but it is important that you are at least asking yourself that question. When you are an adult you understand that your life depends on yourself and you are committed to it.

So that’s how you start researching dream jobs, seeing other jobs and wondering about the skills and experiences that are required to reach them. An adult woman worries about building her own road map to get where she wants.

2. You are in total control of your finances and understand the value of savings.

An adult woman is concerned about the state of her current financial life. She understands that she must seek to depend on herself in that area and is interested in building her own heritage. She takes care of her expenses and takes care of her debts. In addition, she is interested in researching the world of investments, even if this is not part of her professional expertise.

3. Not everything is social networks and parties.

Socializing stopped being a necessity to “belong” or just “have fun”. An adult woman is selective in her close friendships, cultivates them and takes care of them. In addition, social networks become especially a basis for future jobs and work contacts.

4. You take care of your body: you go to the doctor and you exercise.

An adult woman accepts herself and wants herself above all things. She exercises, eats well and takes care of her body. She goes to the doctor regularly and does not wait for a family member to schedule appointments. She does checkups and is attentive to all issues related to her sexual and reproductive health.

5. You like yourself.

A woman in charge of herself is interested in her appearance. An adult woman has taken the time to think about the image she wants to project as well as what is good for her and what isn’t.

6. You are selective about the men you date.

A woman aware of her own value already knows the type of man she wants and you are not willing to settle for less, because she knows how wonderful she is. Basically, an adult woman is a woman who is not afraid of the time that passes year after year because she is comfortable in her own skin and appreciates the woman she has become.