Attitudes That Men Admire More Than Physical Beauty

We all know that beyond gender stereotypes, both men and women when they want to commit to a relationship, value certain traits, which are obviously not the same for both sexes. These traits range from the physical to the qualities of the personality. When it comes to men, we know that their attraction is often based on the beauty of a person, but it is not the main thing when they want to settle down.

Check out the following attitudes that men admire more than a “pretty face.”

Attitudes That Men Admire More Than Physical Beauty

1. The sense of adventure.

A woman who tends to live life to the fullest and to be extroverted (without the need to jeopardize her integrity) is usually very attractive because of her sense of adventure.

2. A committed woman.

We are not referring to a woman who is committed to being the “perfect wife”, but rather one who is capable of committing to the relationship and negotiating with the problems that may arise in it. No need for so much drama, no scenes, but with the ability to find the solution so that both sides are satisfied.

3. Self-assured.

There is nothing sexier than a woman who knows what she is worth, beyond the kilos she has or the beauty on her face. A person and above all a man, wears himself out of reminding a woman how beautiful she is all the time and will look for someone who feels happy with what she is.

4. Trust.

A fundamental attitude that is highly valued is the confidence that a woman can feel in her partner. There is no need to be calling all the time or to report your location at all times.

5. Sense of humor.

A woman can be very beautiful, but if she cannot make the man she likes to laugh, an intimate relationship cannot be established.

6. Acceptance of his defects.

The non-idealization of the couple by a woman and the understanding of their humanity full of mistakes and defects is a point highly admired by men.

7. Without Drama.

Without dramas or scenes and trying to solve conflicts or disagreements in the most assertive way possible. That is certainly something that conquers men.

8. Warmth.

Referred to that charism to get along with your partner’s family or friends. We know that everyone is not required to like you, but a warm personality will help you score points in your relationship.

9. Be creative.

A woman with a free soul and a creative mind for any life situation, it is truly a great personality trait admired by men.

10. Conviction in decision making.

That a girlfriend does not know where to go or what to decide about something is extremely uncomfortable for men. There is nothing more pleasant than a woman who knows what she wants and says it.