Answers To Get Away From That Ex-Boyfriend Who Searches For You Again

The ex-boyfriend for all becomes a whole topic of interest because you would have no problem seeing him again or would not want to cross paths with him again in your life.

When they return to your life, your life may enter into crisis or not. In the first case, this happens because you did not expect it and you do not know how to act so as not to throw away your dignity or become the witch of the story and that he becomes the victim.

That is why we bring you the necessary answers for his silly and basic questions, with the aim of making it very clear that something between you and he will not be born again, but in a subtle way and without losing the glamor.

These answers are valid as long as things between the two ended badly and because of him, obviously, and that by now you have a clear situation to get him away from you without any problem.

4 Answers To Get Away From That Ex-Boyfriend Who Searches For You Again

1. If he calls you on the phone:

All you have to do is answer naturally, wait for him to release his first sentence and say, “Excuse me, who are you?”

2. When he asks you if you are dating someone else:

Answer: “I going out with five more”

3. If he asks you, “have you forgotten me? Answer:

“From the moment we finished”

4. When he asks you, “why don’t you answer me?” Or “why do you leave me on seen?” Answer:

“because it’s super fun”

It’s not about getting revenge on your ex-boyfriend, it’s just showing him that you’re still with your life and that you’re fine without him.