Allies of your beauty

Looking good is key not only to feel better but also to adopt good habits and lifestyles; however, we must choose the right products to avoid drying or generate some type of allergy to our skin.

In this regard, the experts of Procter and Gamble point out 5 products that you should not miss in your day to day.

They are safe for your skin and your daily hygiene.

Check them out!


Allies of your beauty

 1. A good shampoo.

If your hair is dyed, use a special product for processed hair or with color intensifiers, to maintain your tone for longer.

 2. Moisturizing soap.

Choose those that do not dry your skin, since they conserve natural glycerin and are softer, are free of additional chemicals and prevent irritation; nor do they produce irritation reactions or other types of skin problems.

 3. Hair fixer.

Dry hair has little ability to retain water and breaks easily, for this reason, you need products that hydrate.

Combing creams are ideal for this type of hair.

 4. Sanitary towels.

To choose a good towel you should observe your bleeding and determine if it is abundant, moderate or light, in order to choose the right towel.

Remember that the level of absorption is very important because it prevents stains and moisture on the surface.

 5. Facial Wipes.

Are aids to clean your face, neck, and eyes.

Choose those that are chemical free, to avoid infections or the appearance of pimples.