Things A Man Does If He Really Respects You

These signs indicate that a man really values ​​you.

There is a false premise that women should respect men in a relationship, but that the other way around is not that important. As long as they are cared for, women are already made.

That is one of the many micro-macho ideas that are still preserved today, but that has nothing to do with reality. A couple is built on the basis of mutual respect, and if not, it has no chance.

If you have doubts about whether your partner truly respects you, you should know that a man who respects you as a woman has these attitudes:

Things A Man Does If He Really Respects You

1. Ask for your opinion.

If a man respects you, he will want to know what you think about the important decisions in his life. Of course, that does not mean that he will do everything you tell him: that would not be respect, but submission.

But he will listen to your opinion and put it on the scale as one of the heavyweights before making a decision.

2. Listen to you.

A man who does not listen to you does not respect you. Being next to a person who does not care about what happens to you or how you feel is not pleasant and is an indication of disrespect.

The least you can expect from someone you plan to share your life with is to listen to you and pay attention to you.

3. Doesn’t control you.

Control and jealousy are not love, much less respect. A man who controls you all the time, who wants to know what you do every minute, who checks your mobile and who wants to meet all your friends is not a good company.

A man who respects you leaves you your spaces. One who does not give rise to your freedom, is, instead, a person you do not want to have by your side.

4. Doesn’t question you.

Just as he asks for your opinion before making important decisions, a man who respects you will give you his. But he will never impose it, nor will he make you feel less for having made a different decision from the one he believed best.

When someone respects you, they trust you, and they know that you have the capacity to make your own decisions.

5. Accompany you.

“In good times and bad” is the promise that every couple makes, and whoever respects it, also respects the person next to them.

Therefore, a man must be by your side also in the most difficult moments and must prioritize your well-being. When you need his company sincerely (and not as a tool of domination) a man who respects you will be by your side no matter what happens.

6. Doesn’t criticize you.

Occasionally constructive criticism comes in handy. And of course, a sincere opinion is better than a “white lie” in most cases.

But someone who criticizes everything you do, who is always looking for your weak point to make you notice it and who always has harsh words for you, definitely does not respect you.

What’s more, he may just want to belittle you, so you feel like you’re nothing without him.

7. Talk to you.

A man who respects and trusts you will tell you how he feels. He will be open when it comes to expressing his feelings, he will tell you very important things for him, and you will always be his trusted person.

8. He is not ashamed of you.

There is nothing worse than men who hide their women from their friends and family. Having you in the back room, as it used to be with disabled children, is honestly not something to celebrate.

A man who respects you is proud of the woman next to him. He will not have problems that his friends know you, he will take your hand proudly on the street, he will want you to meet his parents.

Be careful, we do not mean that if one day he wants to go out alone, it means he does not respect you. It is natural that he decides to take care of his spaces as well as accept yours. But if he deliberately wants to hide you from all the people around him, something is wrong.