Signs That You Will Have A Long-Term Relationship

Congratulations! You survived your first month of dating. You already feel more comfortable with your partner and you are still in the clouds. You are in love, happy with life, fascinated by that boy who until a couple of weeks ago was practically a stranger and now is the person you think about all day.

Every minute that passes gets better and even if you don’t want to think about it, somewhere in your head the big question looms: will it be a lasting relationship, will it be the person with whom I will have a long and solid relationship, or he just wants to hang out?

Nothing is written and everything is possible. It may be that everything changes and the relationship becomes history before spring arrives. Or instead, it may be that the courtship flourishes, you spend the summer together and even receive the next year hugged.

There is no way to know exactly if this guy will stay with you, but there are signs that you can take into account to know if that relationship that has you sighing will be lasting or not:

Signs That You Will Have A Long-Term Relationship

1- Things happen naturally:

You do not have to be looking for how or where; the two coincide in meeting and enjoying the same things. It seems that everything is flowing in the right direction and the only effort that this courtship requires of you is to take the train at night with your heels, in the middle of the snow.

2- Laughter, the remedy for everything:

Another sign that the relationship has a future is when the two laugh together. I mean, they have good energy together. Think that if you are with a person who makes you feel good, gives you a good vibe, and makes you feel better about yourself, you will want to be with that person even more. The same thing happens to men, they may have a beauty queen next to them, but if she is angry, never laughs, and dislikes all jokes, the guy will leave before she ends her reign.

3- They have mutual trust:

The basic rule of any lasting relationship is to have trust. You can’t have a healthy and successful courtship without honesty. If you feel that you can trust that person, that there are no strange things that raise doubts, and that the person next to you also trusts and respects you; That is, he does not harass you, he does not ask you a thousand questions or investigate you, then there are chances that you will continue together for a long time.

4- More affection and compassion, less judgment:

We all like to be treated well, shown affection, compassion when we need it and not to be judged all the time. For a relationship to last, there has to be affection and compassion. If your partner shows you that he understands you, supports you, listens to you (at least most of the time), and does not spend his time judging what you do, what you eat, how you dress, or questioning your friends or family, it is because there are good intentions and many possibilities for a lasting relationship.

5- A lot of physical contact:

And yes, without caresses, kisses, and sex there is not much to wait. If your partner is affectionate, kisses you in public, holds your hand, invites you to watch a movie in his bed, hugs you and of course, he wants to have sex with you and shows you that he enjoys a lot when you are with him, then there are also chances that your relationship will last. Sex isn’t everything, but a non-contact partner is not meant to last. Who wants to live next to a robot!