7 Things You Should Never Do When In A Relationship

No matter how in love you are, these are some of the attitudes that no woman should allow herself to do for her partner.

True, when we fall in love and believe that the person we always dream of has finally come into our lives, we tend to make some mistakes and no, science or studies do not say it, the women with whom we are in contact say it. It is they who share with us, as any friend would, the situations in which they have all been at least once in their lives.

7 Things You Should Never Do When In A Relationship

1. Change the way you dress.

Yes, sometimes your partner makes comments to you about how good you look in those jeans and you want to wear them more often, but when the comments are negative and instead of helping you they try to make you feel bad or disagree with the way you look, then you shouldn’t be in that relationship, much less change your style. Think that it probably won’t work and you will wonder why you changed so much.

Nor do I mean that you are on the defensive, but ultimately you do not have to stop wearing skirts, jeans, or dresses just because your partner does not like them.

2. Modify your behaviors.

If you are super happy and that bothers your partner, it means that they do not really accept you as you are. It is a common mistake we make when we start a relationship. Many of us believe that we can change the behavior of the person we are with and no, there is nothing more false than that, relationships are not to change people.

3. Let go of the things that make you happy.

Even if you are very much in love and think that you cannot live without your partner, stop and think, before having a relationship you did thousands of things ALONE, now that you are sharing your life with someone you must understand that you need time to carry out your hobbies, your exercise routine and everything that makes you happy.

4. Abandon your friends.

We believe that this is one of the worst mistakes we make, our friends were for us in our worst moments.

Your friends are unconditional, it makes them happy to see you happy and with someone who loves you, dedicating quality time to them is extremely important, don’t forget them.

5. Make their problems yours.

Yes, a relationship is about sharing and being empathetic with the person you are dating, but you are not their mother or their guardian to fix their life. One thing is that you listen to him and try to give him your point of view and another that you want to solve his life and his emotional or financial problems.

6. Agree to do things you wouldn’t normally do.

This applies a lot to toxic relationships. Surely on more than one occasion you have fallen into attitudes or have done things ‘for love’. What do I mean?

Have you smoked just because your partner asked you to or have you drank something you don’t like? These actions, as simple as they may seem, go against your beliefs and if someone forces you or pushes you to do them, it is definitely not for you.

7. Make him your priority.

Making your partner your priority is not a healthy attitude or of a mature woman. Before you met him, you had a life, family, and friends. Don’t let this change.