What Kind Of Infidelity Causes More Harm In A Woman?

It’s the best way men have to be with another without you knowing.

No infidelity is easy to overcome or confront in relationships, however, there is a type of infidelity that causes more harm in women because the feelings of the person you love change.

When a man is unfaithful his mind is in someone else and there is nothing you can do to change it, it is called emotional infidelity and is more and more present in couple relationships causing the most painful separations.

There is no physical contact but from the heart and in most cases it is with a work colleague, friend or even ex-partner.

Although they do not physically connect and he does not arrive late into the night or he does not answer the phone, in reality, he is by your side but completely absent, thus causing a distancing that generates couple conflicts.

These are the things that reveal emotional infidelity:

What Kind Of Infidelity Causes More Harm In A Woman?

1. Lack or increase in intimacy.

Emotional infidelity leads the man to take two attitudes; or increases intimate encounters with the couple while he can not be with the other person.

Or he decides to move away completely.

2. Puts distance.

Begins to have a habit that leads him to think and have all his energy in the other person who is only in his mind, you just become someone else for him and are counted the number of times he speaks to you.

3. Changes attitude.

What did not bother him today seems catastrophic to him, criticizes what you do and expects too much from you, all because he is idealizing in you the other person that he can not have in his life.

4. Watches over his cellular.

As if hiding something, begins to change his social network passwords, and takes his cell phone everywhere. The connection between them could be overcoming the emotional.

Whatever signs he shows, you should know that your emotional security is always a priority, feel safe, happy and live a relationship that complements you.