Tricks to know if your partner is unfaithful without checking his cell phone

From one moment to another your partner stopped being a loving man to become someone who no longer sends you messages or asks you what your day was like, attitudes that make you think that he does not love you anymore and that maybe he is unfaithful to you.

At least, that’s what you and your best friend believe, who met with you to listen to you and together analyze your suspicions.

So now between the two of you are creating a plan to ‘hijack’ his cell phone, because you believe that the truth is hidden in that device.

Definitely, that may be true, but that is not the only way to know if what you think about possible infidelity is true.

There are other ways and they are easier to perform.

Tricks to know if your partner is unfaithful without checking his cell phone

1. Proving that you will always believe him.

Imagine that you are watching a movie about a couple who breaks up because one of them sets up a trap and the other person believes that he was unfaithful.

You could say something as if the same thing happened to us, I would believe you.

2. Have him tell you what he did twice.

It does not matter if he already told his day, talk a little, act distracted and tell him to tell you again, if he doubts is because something happens.

3. Let him fill in spaces.

When they speak, say things like “and today you will go to the house of”, if he says a different name to the one he mentioned earlier, it can be a sign.

4. Do not push him.

When you talk, do not act like an FBI investigator, because otherwise, you will not get the information you want so much.

5. Do not use accusatory tone when speaking.

Do not talk to him as if you knew he did something wrong, act normal.

Believe me, that way you’ll get a lot.