Traits of infidelity in men

Each person has different behaviors according to their context of life, emotional aspects, as well as their couple and emotional history; however, certain specific characteristics of infidelity are observed in men, says specialist Elsy Reyes.

In an interview for, Elsy Reyes, communicator specialist in sexuality and relationships, points out that according to several American studies, the tendency to infidelity is more frequent in men.

Know the characteristics of infidelity!

The expert points out that, although this behavior is not generalized in all men, the most common characteristics of infidelity are:

Traits of infidelity in men

1. Hypervigilant of their partner.

They are very jealous.

Try to be in control of the friends, work and the people his partner can frequent.

Sometimes it is so subtle that it is difficult to identify it because the woman can take it as “he cares for me, he tries, he takes care of me”.

2. Changes in the routine.

They start arriving later at home, they have activities that they did not have before, other groups of friends and they adjust their lives so that infidelity is not perceived as easy.

3. Escape intimacy.

A person who lies tries to escape situations where there is a greater intimacy, where they are questioned about their behavior.

4. Sexual contact is reduced.

The fact of having an additional partner (lover) decreases the frequency of sexual contact with the stable partner, such as the girlfriend or wife, because he is more focused on the infatuation of the parallel partner.

The expert believes that we must learn to express fidelity, that is, make an explicit contract between couples, where it is clear the value that this aspect of the relationship has for us and not give it by a tacit agreement.

And you, have you ever been unfaithful?