Signs That Your Partner’s Ex-Girlfriend Still Belongs To His Present

You have just started a relationship after a while and this time you want everything to be different and you are willing to do your best to make it work.

Feelings emerge more and more, it is too soon to say that you love him but you are dying to feel that the moment has arrived. You are determined to give your heart and live to the fullest this new opportunity you have in love.

However, you feel that despite your efforts, something is not right with him: he still has emotional ties with his ex-girlfriend, and even if he says she is part of the past, that can pose a danger to your relationship.

For that reason, you should pay attention to these signs that will confirm that the ex-girlfriend could return to his life.

Signs That Your Partner’s Ex-Girlfriend Still Belongs To His Present

1. Talks about her without stopping:

You have noticed that in any conversation, he makes a monologue about his ex-partner, you could tolerate it once but the subject is already becoming uncomfortable.

2. He doesn’t talk about that person at all:

If there are those who talk a lot about their former partners on the other side of the story, there are those who say nothing about her, they have never mentioned her. Although it seems positive, silence is also a problem.

3. Stalking in social networks:

Your partner seems to have a relentless interest in what his ex partner does. Worst of all, he even makes comments about it. If so, it is time to speak.

4. They are best friends:

One issue that should be treated with caution is this, especially because you want to give space and respect him. However, it can also be a sign that it is an unfinished business, by assuming a new role.

5. He still has memories of his relationship:

This is a clear sign that what he calls past is still part of his present. If he saves photos, gifts or any object he definitely still has reasons not to close that part of his life.

6. The comparison:

If you have felt at some point that you have been compared to his former partner, it is time to curb the situation and ask for a sincere conversation.

7. He says he is not ready to commit:

Whoever has no plans for the future with you is probably because he does not want you in his. Perhaps he still has doubts about his old relationship that he cannot resolve himself but that is no longer your job.

You really wanted to make your relationship function and move forward but if he is the main obstacle for this to be achieved then you have to reconsider the idea of ​​making plans with someone who is not willing to share his days with you because you cannot force anyone to love like you.