Signs that show how a man uses a woman

There are certain attitudes why a woman leaves a man.

That is why we have identified 8 Signs that show that a man wants to use her.

So, if you have any doubts, here we will tell you if that guy suits you or not to take a relationship.

Signs that show how a man uses a woman

1. Brides hunter.

He is the type of man who likes to conquer the woman to possess her and usually change partners every so often.

He behaves like a gentleman with a beautiful smile that makes you feel confident in your conversations.

Then, the next day is behaving the same with another and forgets who he was the previous day.

2. “We are getting to know each other, let it flow and let’s see.”

That is, flirting, hugs and more without any relationship title.

It’s time you move away from him.

You are not to waste time.

Remember that he could be chatting besides with you with one of your friends or coworkers.

3. The euphoric.

This type of man is cheerful and can chat until dawn to convince girls to have sex or “make love”.

4. Controller.

He may not have spoken to you for a whole week and only short conversations.

When the weekend arrives, he calls you when you are about to go to sleep, because his new victim surely does not want to go out with him.

5. Facebook.

This type of man may have a Facebook account or two to make valid the lies he tells you.

5. Seeks only to have intimacy.

The guy who wants sex is going to take you to a place near a bed.

It can be your apartment or house when there is no one.

He will seek to take you to the movies or will choose not to spend money with you at a dinner if there is no hotel near the restaurant where he will take you.

6. One day he is there, the other is not.

He will tell you that he cares to go out with you and not with another, but the next day he will disappear.

7. They are effeminate or metrosexual.

They fix their hair, their nails, their feet, their teeth, everything that wears out with age.

8. He loves his car and gave it a name.

It is where he cites his constant intimate moments.