Reasons why he does not want you to check his cell phone

Women have a sixth sense and they realize when things are not right.

On many occasions, girls have the curiosity to check their boyfriend’s cell phone, but he does not allow it because there must be certain reasons.


If you want to know what is happening with him, then do not forget to see the following note.

Reasons why he does not want you to check his cell phone

1. Your boy complains about you with his friends.

Whether it’s WhatsApp, Facebook, or any other instant messaging application, it’s normal for your boy to chat with his friends.

They talk about everything; school, work. But once in a while, your partner complains with his friends about your sick jealousy, constant complaints, about how little you support him in his life goals, among many other things and this is precisely one of the reasons why he does not let you check his cell phone

2. Your boy has a confident friend.

This point is not so serious and this friend either, she is simply his best friend, someone he may have met before you and with whom he has always shared everything.
The only reason he is hiding it from you is that he thinks you might get offended or misinterpret the messages exchanged between you.

3. Your boy has a “friend” at work.

He will probably spend more time at work than with you, so it is not unusual or strange for slightly elevated work relationships to arise.

These relationships take several months to develop, but once there is enough trust, unnecessary messages or calls do not stop.

4. Your boy has a “little friend” in college.

As in point 3, the relationship is developing little by little, until the time comes when they can not stop sending each other messages or calls and unfortunately your boyfriend is more excited to see a message from her than yours.

It is not that he prefers her over you, it is simply that usually, your messages are to claim something, while hers are simply to greet him and tell him something fun.

5. Your boy opens adult pages on his cell phone.

This is inevitable, almost all men open such web pages.

Actually, this is normal, there is nothing unusual about it but he does not want you to know and if you get to discover the best is to pretend that you never saw it, you will save yourself a fight.

6. Has a second Facebook account.

Yes, as you listen to it.

You will be surprised how many men have more than one Facebook account, they all do it because they have something to hide from you and this point is already serious because it is very possibly a romantic relationship and the worst of all is that he probably lie to both of you.

7. He has taken pictures and videos that he does not want you to see.

They could be photos of his ex-girlfriend, some video that he recorded with her, or it could just be some ridiculous video with his friends, the point is that he does not want you to see it.

In both cases, you have nothing to worry about, because if it is something related to his ex-girlfriend, remember that everything is part of a cycle and in due time he will delete that content, only he knows when is the right time to let go of the past.

8. He still has contact with his ex-girlfriend.

It may have ended a long time ago and most likely he does not love her anymore, but he is still in contact with her because he still cares.

The communication with the ex-girlfriend is not necessarily in an intimate tone, remember that like you with your ex-partner, they had very nice moments together and maybe they learned to know each other very well, for which there will always be a special affection between both.

9. He still has the number of the “little friend” that you asked him to erase.

You asked him as kindly as possible to remove her phone from his Facebook, to delete her phone number and to cut off any communication between them so that you could be very happy.

But what do you think? He did not do it and that’s why he does not want you to rummage through his cell phone.

10. He is planning to leave you and you are the only one who does not know.

Everyone already knows, his friends, his parents, his brothers, but he is looking for the right moment to tell you, that is why he does not want you to see his cell phone since you would find out before he is ready to give you the terrible news.