Lies that men say the most

Sometimes they are very obvious and do not deceive themselves, but on other occasions, women fall round … stay alert!

We know that women are not any white little doves, they also lie … but at least they are honest about it! (Here is the proof.) Men lie about lying and swear they are little white doves. Ha!

Twenty men confessed and these are the most common lies.

Lies that men say the most

1. She is “beautiful”, “thin” and “the love of his life”.

“You are not / you look fat”

No man would be willing to face the consequences of an affirmative answer to the typical question (and quite annoying for them) of “Am I fat?”.

2. “For me, you are the most beautiful”.

They swear, with eyes of love, that they had never seen a beauty that compares to yours, they say one and a thousand times that they don’t like anybody else … and their eyes get lost behind the Good curves.

3. “When we marry …”

When you are making plans about how many children you will have and what your dog will be called and he responds affirmatively to everything you say, most of the time he is giving you your side.

The men surveyed confess that they “do not really think about it”.

Festivities and commitments

4. “I didn’t have a beer”.

This is the number one lie.

11 of 20 men confessed that they use this lie when the truth is that they ended up lying on the floor after a session of 7 shots.

5. “Yes, I want to go”.

It’s your grandmother’s 93rd birthday, and there’s a family meal to celebrate it.

He will say that he wants to go so as not to hurt your feelings.

6. “I’m not angry”.

More than a vile deception, this line is an attempt to keep the peace.

Most angry men do not want to talk about how they feel (at least not while they’re feeling it).

What lie have you discovered that your man tells you?

How did you react?