How to build trust in the couple

Being a couple is not an easy task, everyone knows.

You have to fight daily so that love does not wear out, and the problems (financial, family, children, and others) do not end up trampling it completely.

How to build trust in the couple

How to build trust in the couple

But there is a common factor in the crisis of couple, and are mainly infidelities and distrust.

Today we offer you from iMujer Some tips to build trust in the couple and avoid a possible crisis or breakup.

How to build trust in the couple

1. Live the present.

Do not regret the past, do not keep reproaching old mistakes.

But above all, do not fly and long for the future all the time.

Taste the day to day and reinforce those positive affirmations that make the feelings good.

2. Make a true balance.

Eventually, you can take stock of how your relationship is going.

Identify the good things experienced by both and the ones you would like to improve even more.

And know that you have at your disposal the tools to improve everything you consider.

3. Overcome some things.

Ask yourself why you have lost your trust.

Enough to keep pointing the negative things, what only sabotage your relationship.

4. Keep things clear.

Clarity in relationships generates trust.

Doubts and fears are not only a threat to your self-esteem, but also to the relationship.

Doubts, insecurities, are positions that shake the relationship and kill the trust.

And distrust generates even more distrust and ends up invading the couple.

5. Engage.

The commitment of both as a couple to choose the life you want to build in common.

It is useless to row a boat alone when two are needed.

Do not be afraid to declare your feelings, or pretend to hide them.

6. Express gratitude.

Before complaining about your partner for what bothers you, first thank him for something he has done for you, expressing gratitude, the biochemistry is modified.

A simple change of attitude leads to modify gestures, posture, voice and facial tones.

A smile and a good attitude will change everything.

7. Touch!

What a beautiful thing to touch!

A discreet and accomplice touch, a hug, the hand on the waist or the back, a kiss …

All couples need sex and sensuality. But sensuality does not always have to end in bed.

I once read that a young woman asked her grandmother how she had done to be married for more than fifty years.

To which the old woman replied: “I grew up in a time when things, when they break, must be fixed, not like now, they are thrown away or replaced.”

And that’s what relationships are about.

Work so that they work, solve differences and, above all, know how to forgive.

But really forgive, forgetting to keep going.