How Does An Intelligent Woman Act When He Is Unfaithful?

This is the way in which a wise woman confronts her partner’s betrayal and leaves with her dignity intact.

Infidelity is not an easy situation to assimilate. When it occurs many things are destroyed in the couple, especially trust, so the reactions can be unpredictable and full of negative emotions.

However, even if your partner’s betrayal hurts, you should do everything possible to maintain your composure and act at the height of the lady you are, remember that if he decided to betray the trust between you and fail the love you had, then it is his problem, not yours.

Your dignity as a woman should be preserved even if at first you find it very difficult to contain your emotions, even so, it is not impossible.

In fact, an intelligent woman confronts infidelity in the following way:

How Does An Intelligent Woman Act When He Is Unfaithful?

1. Do not blame the other woman.

Remember that nobody steals from anyone and your partner is mature enough to know what he does and why he does it.

I know that the first reaction of a deceived woman is to blame the “other” but to do this is a waste of time, remember that the person who betrayed you and the one you really loved, is HE.

Also, feeling anger and resentment for someone who does not matter in your life, is filling yourself with bad energy and unnecessary pain.

2. Do not inquire into the details.

Many women feel a morbid need to know when, how and where their partner cheated them, in a way this reaction is normal because it is about understanding the reason for the infidelity, but actually doing it only affects you because it becomes mental torture that does not take you anywhere.

Obsessing yourself and thinking again and again about what he did is disrespecting yourself. You have to focus on YOUR well-being and on moving forward, it’s not worth being tied to a bad experience.

3. Do not make it public.

That is, if you can talk to the people closest to you and with whom you have a strong bond of trust since you will need support at all times but exposing your situation to everyone is not healthy either.

Forget about posting on Facebook or making claims against third parties who do not have anything to do with your situation.

Your private life is that, something very personal that you must take care of and respect.

If you feel the need to talk to someone, do it, but choose well.

4. Revenge will not make you feel better.

Of course, when a woman suffers infidelity, the first thing she thinks about is revenge on those who humiliated her. Your partner, the lover and all the accomplices, but do you know that by doing this you only hurt yourself?

Revenge is only throwing salt at the wound, it is a negative way of channeling your emotions and your anguish, so it is best to discard it.

Believe me, harming those who damaged you, WILL NOT MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER.

5. Think carefully if you want to forgive infidelity.

Whatever decision you make, you must be sure that it will be FINAL.

If your partner and you come to an understanding in which both decided to forgive the slip and move on, you can do it, it’s your life, your relationship and only you know if it’s worth it, you’re free to choose, but if you do, you have to be sure that it will be from the heart, because it really goes with your values as a woman and as a person and not only for fear of being alone, leaving your children without a father or fear of not knowing how to get ahead.

If you decide to forgive him, you must do it completely, without returning to reproaches every time you have an argument, without living with fear and distrust ALL LIFE.

If you are going to forgive, do it because you are convinced that the issue will not hurt you again, but if instead, that forgiveness will become a torture for you, then better DO NOT DO IT.