6 Signs that your partner is falling in love with another woman

This way you know if your partner is being emotionally unfaithful.

Emotional infidelity also happens and in fact is the one that most affects women. Although it has always happened, we can say that the arrival of technology and social networks has influenced it to be more common.

What is emotional infidelity and how to know if it is happening to you?

Emotional infidelity does not have to imply a sexual contact, rather it is to develop relationships in your partner’s back that imply more than just friendship.

To identify if your partner is being emotionally unfaithful, you have to pay attention to the following signs.

6 Signs that your partner is falling in love with another woman

1. Hides his conversations.

Privacy is a right that must be respected even if you are in a relationship, but there is a big difference between privacy and avoiding at all costs that you learn what he does on social networks or messages.

If your partner refuses completely or becomes nervous when you have to use his cell phone, he is likely to have compromising conversations with other women.

2. He’s stuck on the phone.

Even when he is with you if he shows more interest in his social networks or if he sends many messages and avoids answering when you ask him who he is talking to, he is probably talking to other people on a sentimental or seduction level.

4. You have almost no intimacy.

The rejection of intimacy without apparent reason can be a strong sign that he is falling in love with another woman and that therefore your relationship is in danger.
It is perhaps the clearest sign that he no longer feels the same for you.

5. Argues with you for anything.

When the arguments start for unimportant reasons and he prefers to get angry and leaves instead of resolving the situation, he indicates that he feels frustrated and that he probably does not know how.

6. Mentions another woman a lot.

If it is a new person in his life and it is someone he goes out with frequently or spends a lot of time, it is a sign that he is falling in love with her even though he denies it.

Statistically, infidelities occur more in work environments.

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