5 Signs that he is sorry and you can forgive him

Some girls have been cheated on once or twice.

From experience, I can tell you that it is one of the least pleasant experiences. However, I can also say that everything is not finished.

If you are really willing to forget the past, you can both begin again and with more strength.

However, not all cheaters acknowledge their mistake or are repentant.

But do not worry, if you see these signs, you can trust him again.

5 Signs that he is sorry and you can forgive him

1. Before having you back, he wants your forgiveness.

When we make a mistake of that magnitude and are really regretful, we always look for forgiveness and understanding.

Therefore, if your ex just wants to talk to you to make things clear, it’s a good sign.

But, beware, sometimes that does not mean he wants to come back, maybe he just wants to close a cycle.

2. He does not excuse himself, he simply accepts his mistake.

Another of the best signs is that your boy accepts his mistake.

He no longer gives you meaningless excuses or tries to blame you for what he did.

Also, he understands the seriousness of the matter and also understands that you might not forgive him.

3. One of the best signs is his honesty.

As I mentioned before, he no longer makes excuses about his mistake, he is even very honest.

He may tell you how and why things happened, but he does not use it as a justification.

He also explains how he feels about his relationship, what he expects from it and both of you if you manage to reconcile.

4. Tries reconnecting with you.

He also understands that it is not just enough to ask for forgiveness and to put the saddest face in the world.

He knows he broke both the trust and the connection that was between you. Therefore he tries to approach your life again.

For example, he gets involved in your interests, he asks you how things are going in general and he hopes to help you at all times.

5. He is also very patient with your process.

The truth is that regaining trust and saving a relationship is a long process.

You can not think that everything will be fine overnight. Consequently, he is patient with you at all times, especially when you do not feel like seeing him or you just want to be alone for a while.