Wickedness of a woman that many men can not stand

A woman is always able to get everything that is proposed and does not care that, along the way whoever falls.

And if we already talk about evil, there is no doubt that to a woman, there is no one who wins against her.


Men, they are more direct and act in a fairly predictable way. On the contrary, women can become cold and manipulative when they want to achieve something and, they can become really bad.

These are the 10 evils of a woman that hurt men the most:

Wickedness of a woman that many men can not stand

1. Does not respond to calls.

When she is angry, of course, she does not respond to any call made by her man, nor to the messages, however tender and affectionate they may be.

There are times when you even leave the messages in full view and you may even turn off the phone to not receive any calls.

2. Using men to get free drinks.

It is very typical to find one or another woman that when she goes out with her friends, starts to hook up with some poor unfortunate person, with the only intention that all the drinks come out for free.

Sometimes, it is even something planned.

One looks for the “victim” and then, the friends join the group and thus, they throw away what promised to be a night of fun for that poor man.

3. She manipulates him emotionally.

Every woman knows that tears touch any man who sees them shed a single tear, that is why, without any shame, some women use this trick to get what they want.

4. Use physical violence.

Real gentlemen don’t touch a woman.

That is a norm that every man should always keep in mind.

Of course, no one should use violence against another person, but there are women who mistreat their partner.

Oddly enough, there are many men who, not only have to sleep on the couch after a marital fight but are also physically assaulted.

Remember that gender abuse is not just abuse towards a woman!

5. She makes fun of him in public.

Yes, there are many who, with the excuse that she was only joking, make fun of their partners in public and unveil some of their most intimate secrets.

6. Hides that she has a boyfriend.

Sometimes, a woman lets a man flirt with her, flatter her and try to conquer her without warning from the beginning that she has a boyfriend.

This little game, it’s something that hurts men.

7. Jealousy on purpose.

When there is a couple argument, you can flirt with another, either friend or stranger, in order to make your partner jealous.

It is something that never fails.

8. Disabling Chat and hiding your Facebook status.

Many times women decide to disable chat and hide photos, videos or status in their social networks.

9. Leave him hanged.

This is one of the worst things that can be done to not only a man but to any other person.

Leaving him hanged or canceling a meeting 5 minutes before, it is simply, horrific.

10 Using him in bed.

There are women who have no problem going to bed with a man on the first date.

Many even enjoy certain sadistic practices and sometimes even make fun of the size of the man’s member.

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