Things You Can Do To Keep Your Lover From Losing Interest

Just like there are things that women do not like about men, men also do not like certain things about women. And that can cause them to lose interest in you and in a relationship.

Many times women think that by making themselves naive they look more attractive to men, but this is a BIG mistake that women make when they start a relationship. Men like intelligent and capable women.

Next, are some of the 7 things you shouldn’t do to keep your man from losing interest.

Things You Can Do To Keep Your Lover From Losing Interest

1. Don’t talk about your ex

Something that men can be very upset about is that you spend it talking about your ex since it causes them to lose interests almost instantaneously because they think that you are still interested in him.

2. Don’t be fancy and easy

When women are thrown at men and want to do everything from the first date, they scare men away and then men do not look for a serious relationship but just something casual.

3. Don’t be impunctual

It’s okay that women take time to get ready, and that once or twice they might be a little late.

But if you do it every day, that will overwhelm him.

4. Don’t be like his mom

To do everything for him, to scold him when he does something bad and to worry more than necessary.

Something that men do not need, they already have a mom that does that for them, they want a girlfriend.

5. Don’t confuse him

To be sending messages with double meaning, to let them understand one thing when you mean another.

Men like honesty.

6. To be ordinary

When you do the same as all of the women so he likes you, you do not give an extra to the relationship and you act just as the manual says, the man you go out with is going to get bored very fast