Things that women do that make men jealous

Although a man is very sure of himself and his relationship, there are some feminine behaviors that get him jealous and take his more quarrelsome side.

They are not usually jealous at all times but by nature, they like to win the challenges.

They do not do it all the time because they have learned to repress basic impulses.

Things that women do that make men jealous

1- Laughing at a joke that another man made.

When something is very funny, you can not help but laugh, but this will drive your boy crazy.

So do not be surprised if he starts to snort.

2- Getting excited with some famous.

Men hate celebrities because women go crazy with them.

3- Having a best male friend.

Even if you are just friends, he will always think that you had something at some point.

The fault is those movies where they show you that the love of your life was in front of you all the time.

4- Using your holidays to go with your friends.

You could have used those days off to spend time with him, but no. You have decided to go on a trip with your friends.

He will ask why you have done it. However, he may be happy because you stayed at home eating pizza and playing games with him.

5- Staying at work until very late.

He wonders what you’re doing until this late and he’ll even think you’re having an affair.

6- Flirting with other kids discreetly.

Automatically his brain thinks “who is that man?”

It’s something that nobody likes to go through so you should not do it.

7- Having a girls night.

They do not know what happens during these nights but it is very likely that some guy comes close and he does not like that idea much.

8- Talking on Whatsapp with other men.

Text messages can lead to sexting, something quite fashionable nowadays.

This makes them nervous and they do not accept that it can happen.

9- Mentioning the good times you had with your ex.

When you remember a good moment with your ex and you remember him, he thinks that you can still be in love with him and he is filled with rage.

10- When you go out partying without him and upload photos to social networks.

He will be at home looking at the photos and thinking about how well you should be doing without him.

As you can see, men carry this innate behavior and can not bear the idea of imagining that you are with another or that you have a better time without him.

Did you know that these innocent behaviors could make them jealous?

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