Things that keep men away from women

Without wanting sometimes we make some mistakes that can charge invoice for our relationship.

Sometimes women do things unintentionally that tend to alienate men.

Although we do not want to admit it, we can make mistakes that eventually end up charging our relationship.

Things that keep men away from women

Things that keep men away from women

Here we leave you five things to take into account and try to avoid them.

These things can alienate your partner if you do not control them.

Things that keep men away from women

1. Jealousy.

Talking bad about his friends or looking at them incorrectly will make your partner move away from you.

You do not have to be jealous, he is with you for a reason.

If for some reason you think you have valid reasons to feel jealous, talk to him calmly and explain your reasons. Never demand that he stops going out with his friends or show envious behavior towards another woman.

2. Call too much by phone.

If you already contacted him by phone and he did not return the call, it is best to wait until he does, most likely he was busy or did not check his cell phone.
Calling him many times and in a desperate way will only make him go away and think you are very aware of him.

3. Pretending that everything is fine when it is not.

Men can not read minds, so if something bothers you, you should be honest and tell them.

Do not say that things are good when they really are not.

This drives any man crazy since you get to despair him with your attitudes.

Be honest and try to talk about the things that bother you.

4. Not letting him spend time with his friends.

Men like their space and enjoy it with other friends, whether playing Play Station or just going out for a few drinks.

Not letting him spend time with other men can make him feel suffocated.

It is good in a relationship that both have time for their things, that way neither of them will move away.

5. Too much drama.

If you let your relationship be involved in the drama or make a world of every fight you have, it will make your partner move away from you.

Men are simple people and will try not to give much importance to things.

Try not to enlarge certain situations.