Things that hurt an unfaithful man most

This is the best rematch you can have.

Unfortunately, infidelities are a thing of every day, some couples overcome it and others can not go on, many times this type of betrayal is what triggers divorces, the factors are many and depend on the dynamics of each couple.

Many times a betrayal really does help us, in cases where the relationship is not well and the couple makes us suffer, infidelity can be the element that opens our eyes.

Not all infidelities are the same, it is not the same to discover a betrayal, to be the same couple who comes to us and confesses what they did.

These are 10 things that hurt an unfaithful man the most:

Things that hurt an unfaithful man most

1. That he sees that you are dating someone else.

When he finds you by chance and sees you with another person by the hand, there will be no doubt that you no longer care in the least, you have continued with your love life and there is no place for your ex.

2. When he sends you messages and you do not respond.

He can feel very frustrated when he writes messages, telling you whatever, but you are very intelligent and you know that whatever you say will give him the thread to keep contacting you, so simply do not respond.

3. When you acquire a body of revenge.

Many women who felt insecure about their body, following a separation take the strength they needed and really feel impelled to change their lifestyle, some really achieve it and in their body, the results are seen, a body of revenge, When he sees what was lost, he can not believe it.

4. When his friends find out what happened and they agree with you.

Sometimes it happens that there are sincere friends, and that they do not favor any particular side, neither you nor him, but when they analyze the two sides they can clearly see that someone did a lot of damage and when they say “you were wrong,” the fact that his own friends make him see that, really hurt him.

5. When you forgive him but you leave things clear.

The cheaters who do so often want to continue deceiving their partner always, ask for forgiveness but they will continue to do so when you say “I forgive you, but I do not want to continue with you” that is paralyzing because he wanted you to forgive him and return to him.

I forgive you because I do not hold grudges, but I do not want you in my life, I ask you to leave, please.

6. When you stopped seeing each other and you change.

People are evolving throughout their lives, it is normal, but when you definitely stop seeing that person, time goes by and you have some changes, as for example, you have another style, your orthodontic appliances were removed, he may see you differently and feels regret that he does not have you anymore.

7. When you surpass yourself professionally.

He did not want you to develop, what he wanted was to have you as a vulnerable being and locked up so that you would depend on him, but when you succeed and even overcome him, it is something that he finds hard to accept.

8. Being friends with another of his ex.

The world is very small and those things happen, it is not necessarily that you come together, most likely you have friends in common, but when he finds out that you have a friendship, he will feel very insecure because he will think the two of you laugh at him.

9. When he sees you happy.

For whatever reason, be it that you have already forgotten him, you have received emotional help in case it has affected you a lot, but after you cried so much, when you take the reins of your life again and he feels that you walk your life with a smile and he realizes that you do not need him.

It is an excellent revenge seeing your happiness because he will know that you no longer need him and it will hurt him.