Things That Finish A Relationship Before It Starts

We all get very excited at the beginning of a relationship: we want to see our partner all the time, we write to him constantly and we only want his attention.

The above ends up overwhelming anyone, so it is important that you know what are the things that cause a relationship to end before it begins.

Things That Finish A Relationship Before It Starts

7. Being available whenever he wants.

Do not do this. You must not be at the mercy of anyone’s schedule.

Everyone must have their own lives and their own friends to have fun.

Try to have a time for yourself. Your relationship should NOT cover all your time.

6. Writing to him too much.

Another mistake.

Texting is exciting, sexting too, but too many messages can cause your relationship to end.

Like you, he is busy. Your partner is not going to have all the time in the world to answer you when you write to him.

You will overwhelm him and you will only be upset if he does not respond immediately.

5. Stalk him on Facebook.

We are all curious, but there are limits.

You should not go snooping until you get to the profile of his kindergarten “girlfriend”.

Be patient, the moment will come when he will tell you about his life.

4. Asking him to go out constantly.

Give him his space.

If you are only going to spend your free time together, sooner or later you will be bored.

Remember that before him you had a different social life. Do not let emotion to win over you.

3. Showing all your sexual “techniques”.

The first sexual encounters are always exciting, but it is not ideal to show everything you know from the beginning, later on, you will have plenty of time for him to discover it.

2. Making plans too early.

Stop making plans to travel the weekend or to know new countries.

The relationship is just beginning, so wait for it to take hold and better know him well.

1. Analyze everything.

Stop reading too much between lines and wanting to decipher something that does not exist.

It is not a hieroglyph or ruins, it is just a text message that has no hidden meaning.