Things that can take you away from your partner

What are the attitudes that most distance you from your partner? Take them into account!

Surely, you ever got to see the movie “How to lose a man in 10 days“, that despite being a comedy, reveals the way women end up distancing men.

Yes, we know, the situations that are shown in this film are far from real problems, but there is no doubt that reality sometimes exceeds fiction.

There are hundreds of reasons why a couple decides to separate, but if you are living one or more of these causes it is time to take the reins of the matter and go the right way.

Things that can take you away from your partner

1. Lack of admiration.

When this happens his self-esteem is affected and, therefore, his manhood.

They think that no matter how hard they try to make their partner happy, she will never feel this way.

2. Monotony.

Who does not get tired of routine?!

We all look for activities in life that lead us to explore new horizons, and the same must happen in a relationship!

Changing your attitude in the bedroom can be an excellent option, but you also have to do it on a day-to-day basis.

3. Boredom.

It is clear that if we let monotony grow, we will get boredom, and being in a relationship where there is no dynamism, commitment, and complicity, sooner or later one will end up leaving the other.

4. Not respecting his free time.

If you are the classic woman who hates that he goes out with his friends and not see you in an afternoon, we advise you to relax a bit, because the loss of absolute freedom goes against the nature of anyone.

5. Disinterest on your part.

It is a fact, men are less complicated than women, so when they come to feel indifference, they simply move away.

They do not question why.

If you do not want this to happen to you, take his comments into account, look him in the eyes and smile at him.

6. Insane jealousy.

True, jealousy is a natural and almost inevitable part of a relationship, but having a fight every five minutes is therefore too tiring for both parties!

Try to avoid it.

It is better to reaffirm your relationship than to be defensive, don’t you think?

Otherwise, he will end up moving away.

7. Problems in the economy.

This is one of the reasons why hundreds of couples begin to have conflicts, especially if their relationship is weak, there is no trust and there is little communication.

Yes, money does not give happiness, but when it is lacking, the emotional aspect is affected.

8. Little sex.

What better way to join the couple than in privacy!

We are not telling you to have sex at all times, but to seek your boyfriend or husband more frequently and when these opportunities are given, do it with pleasure and with desire.

9. Imposing your beliefs.

Many times we assume that our partner must act and think like us, but the reality (besides that men are from Mars and the women from Venus) is that each person has their own essence and beliefs.

Do not try to impose yours or he will end up leaving the relationship.

10. Do not accept role changes.

For some men, it is devastating that their wife is more successful than them, that she is the one who brings the most money to the house and that they also have to take care of the children.

Yes, there are still many like that.