Things A Woman Does And Completely Distances Her Partner

If you constantly make your partner angry and he threatens to end the relationship. It is better that you take your precautions at any time he could fulfill his threat, try not to do these eight things.

There are certain common female behaviors that seem to bother their partners extremely. We present to you the Eight things that a woman does and completely distances her partner.

Things A Woman Does And Completely Distances Her Partner

1. When they make plans without consulting.

Women often make plans without prior notice, they love attending social events with friends, or breakfast with the family. Men sometimes just want their girls to stay home with them.

2. When you don’t tolerate their jokes.

Men are used to joking constantly. If you are one of those women who get angry easily, you could lose him. They prefer couples with a good sense of humor.

3. When women take too long to be ready.

Men are usually punctual, try not to take too long to get ready for an event, men do not understand how long it takes to wear makeup and choose a good outfit. Avoid making him wait.

4. When women are very demanding.

Sometimes women seem to need constant attention, you must give him his space, stop sending messages every 30 minutes and try not to interrupt him while watching his favorite sports program.

5. When women talk about gossip all the time.

For men, it is tiring to hear the same story over and over again, if you need to criticize the way your neighbor dresses, better talk to a female friend. Men do not always enjoy gossip.

6. When girls become obsessed with makeup.

A man does not distinguish the different shades of pink that exist, stop trying to explain, the reality is that he does not care. Talking about makeup is boring, you better avoid that topic.

7. When you’re always dieting.

It is complicated to go out to eat with someone who is on a constant diet, they love women who can eat without regrets or guilt. Accompany him to eat a hamburger, deep down you want it.

8. When women ask a lot of questions.

They love self-confident women, so try not to overwhelm him by asking: what he thinks of your clothes. That makes men restless and is usually annoying when you interrogate them constantly.