Smart Ways To Fill An Emotional Gap

Before separation, a sense of loneliness is difficult to overcome, although it is also common to find couples who, together, experience a lack of motivation difficult to understand, without knowing how to fill that emotional void.

This feeling is distinguished by the need for affection and love on the part of the couple, as well as the feeling of loneliness, dissatisfaction, and unhappiness.

Floods thoughts that everything is meaningless and the inability to feel things or people arises, “says Viktor Frankl, Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist founder of Logotherapy.

How to overcome the emotional gap?

That feeling of rejection, abandonment, and lack of courage are some of the feelings that arise in the face of this void despite living as a couple.

In such situations, you can take intelligent actions to overcome it.

Smart Ways To Fill An Emotional Gap

1. Strengthen self-esteem.

Jaquelina Pievaroli, a psychotherapist at the Psychologists Center in Barcelona Psicoemo, explains that in order to fill that emotional void caused by an affective lack or the loss of the couple, it is vital to work on self-esteem.

Understand that you are responsible for your happiness or frustration and that emotional abandonment does not mean that you can not be loved, nor do you have to be perfect.

Strive to accept that there are aspects of your partner and you that do not please but this does not take away your value, “suggests the psychotherapist.

2. Feel the emptiness.

Aura Medina De Wit, author of the book Love or codependence ensures that you heal your emptiness when you begin to feel it.

Recommend not ignoring them or hiding them, express what you have to say. Explore your essential needs and identify what it is that makes you feel that existential hole.

Focus on that lack and resolve how it affects your relationships with people and life in general; what thoughts and feelings appear when you think about it, “advises Aura Medina.

3. Surround yourself with happy people.

The American therapist Sheri Meyers says that there is nothing like surrounding yourself with friends, acquaintances, and family that elevate your confidence and self-esteem, that just their company makes you feel good.

Nothing better than enjoying activities that you are passionate about, from enjoying a beautiful afternoon with a friend, getting together with your family, reading a good book, listening to happy music; look for satisfaction in the everyday.

4. Exercise.

It is one of the best medicines to heal the emotional void.

With exercise, your body produces endorphins that cause you pleasure, which can be an incentive for you to feel better, advises Sheri Meyers.

Enroll in a gym, take dance classes, walk after work, prefer stairs to the elevator, practice yoga.

Any activity that keeps you moving for at least 30 minutes every day is invaluable in reducing the gap.

5. Therapy.

It is an effective means to reassess the relationship, reflect and become aware of the importance of the bond of love.

In case you have finished with your partner, it will help you to resume your life in an individual way, focus on the things and people that give meaning to your day to day life.

The couple therapy can never be prolonged, it must go to the point, unlock and then let them do the rest together. It can help to realize that there is a lot to recover and to live, “says Cristina Benchetrit, a therapist at the Private Psychotherapy Center of Argentina.

For therapists, all void creates a compulsive need or anxiety and almost always seeks outside a satisfactory that manages to fill it, without being aware that the key is inside, in the personal will to get out of that state.