Signs that your relationship is coming to an end

Go ahead to the facts, make decisions and do not let your heart and you suffer for not giving long times to reality.

On many occasions, we do not realize what our relationship is showing us.

In the stage of falling in love we are always ready to face everything that brings love with itself; joys, sorrows, difficulties and even disappointments, however, there is a moment when you no longer feel comfortable, you lack motives and is more the discomfort than the reason to continue.

Making the decision to end is not the easiest thing in the world, but you can avoid a painful love break up if you notice these situations:

Signs that your relationship is coming to an end

1. Having the idea and not being able to execute it.

You, more than anyone, know how you feel with the person you chose to follow your path, but if you are convinced lately that things are not working and you begin to perceive that there are several that get out of control, it is better to stop on time.

Pay close attention to these troubles, and convince yourself that sooner or later this will grow.

2. The doubts overwhelm you.

This stage is decisive, you start to see beyond the analysis, you understand that things are not going the right way, so the pink color turns to dark tones, which becomes a sure sign that you’re wasting time with that special person.

There is no present, much less there will be a future.

3. Preparation.

After going through all these feelings, you are ready to give the final thrust: End.

Do not doubt, do not look back, the important thing here is that you already have the security to end your possible “headache”, although there are emotions involved, you are ready.

Learn to let go!

4. Make up your mind.

You know what you’re going to face, then leave fear behind.

Welcome the dialogue, talk to your partner and tell him it was enough for both of you.

The story must continue, but in separate ways, so cutting at the root is the perfect solution to overcome grief and open new cycles in your emotional relationships.

5. Rebound effect.

It is the most complicated stage to take, is not to fall back into the habit of sharing or having some kind of communication that can revive the flame of what has already gone out.

Keeping yourself in your position is your daily challenge, so do not let your emotions control you.