Signs That He’s Going Out With Another Girl

It’s not because I’m a viper, but today I want to give you some tips that many do not know and that are very useful to discover if your man is dating another woman.

Signs That He’s Going Out With Another Girl

1. Suddenly, he cleans his car more often.

A man knows that he can not leave a trace when he went out with another woman, that’s why he constantly clean the car, so he will be sure that not even a piece of hair will be present when you get on it.

If he puts a very powerful air freshener in the car, that is also a clear sign that something is going on.

2. Always has his cellphone without sound.

This will avoid the problem that you know that a new message arrived and do not suspect anything.

3. He takes longer than usual in the bathroom and never leaves his cell phone at your fingertips.

So he can talk without problems with the other girl by messages and it gives him time to erase everything to leave no trace.

4. Suddenly closes all his social network accounts (Instagram, facebook, twitter, etc …)

When a man goes out with another woman, he is always paranoid!

That is why he tries to keep anyone from knowing anything about him, mainly so that his “lover” does not find out that you are his girlfriend.

5. Lives defensively with you.

Nothing of what you do he likes and he looks for any excuse to fight with you so that he can be away from you.

6. He stops you from inviting you to meetings with his friends.

The more distance you have with your friends, the better for him.

7. Start being super jealous with you.

The things he is doing begins to reflect on you (even if you are not unfaithful) and everything is due to the worry and stress he is going through due to his stupidity.

8. One day he may be the most loving in the world and the next 3 days the most hateful and distant.

If he is super fickle, it is because he tries you not to suspect anything and that is why he suddenly acts more “affectionate” than usual.

9. You discover that he has dating apps on his cell.

If he has Tinder, believe me, something he hides, it’s that simple.

10. Nothing else happens in bed …

Between the stress of what he is doing in secret, the fact that he likes another girl and other things that go through his head cause that there is no longer a connection between you and him.