Signs That A Man Is Avoiding You

Do you wonder why he does not answer your calls?

You have left message after message and still, have not shown signs of life.

It is not that the lines of communication go badly, or that your messages have not been received, but clearly, this boy is not so interested in continuing to maintain contact with you.

So that you do not continue to make yourself false illusions, pay attention to the 6 Signs That A Man Is Avoiding You.

Signs That A Man Is Avoiding You

1. You are the one who initiates all kinds of contact.

If you are the one who always takes the initiative for a meeting, through calls or text messages, while he never takes the first step, he is most likely trying to avoid contact with you.

Of course, there may be times when he will be too busy to assist you and get in touch with you, but this should not be all the time.

2. Ignores your messages and calls.

That he does not answer your calls or messages a couple of times, is not so serious.

Yes it is when he does it all the time, and while you keep leaving messages, he ignores them and you do not get any response.

If when you finally manage to establish contact, he tells you that he has not had time to answer you or any other excuse, he is definitely avoiding you.

3. Answers your questions with other questions.

If the boy in question cannot give you a clear answer as to why he has been hiding or does so with another answer, it is another sign that he is avoiding you.

To answer with another question is to give himself time to think about a new excuse, and the best thing you can do is to insist on a definitive answer, although you do not like what it is.

4. He always gives excuses.

If his reasons why he has not contacted you sound more like excuses than credible reasons, start to assume that he is trying to run away from you.

Excuses can include white lies or distortion of reality and will have no weight.

5. Ignores you.

If after unsuccessful calls, you meet him at a party and he does not come to greet you, it is the most obvious sign that he is avoiding you.

If he had a little interest, he will go to you to say hello, even if it means interrupting the conversation he was in.

If instead, he notices your presence and stays where he is, with no intention of approaching, do not even bother to keep insisting.

6. Calls at midnight.

Did you call him all week, at any time and only answers days after dawn?

I regret to communicate that his true intentions are not to feed a loving relationship, but only to find in you a bed partner.

Whoever has only interest in sex does not intend a date, and usually calls at dawn, when the other plans have already concluded or have failed.

What do you think of these signs of a man who is avoiding you? Leave us your comment! Couple.