Signs He’s Not Interested In You

Stop justifying, deceiving and fighting, these are the Signs that He’s Not Interested In You and it is not worth following.

Love is often so confusing on some occasions that it is not surprising that it ends up with our peace of mind. Sometimes things go perfectly but from one moment to another they change, so you must identify the Signs He’s Not Interested In You anymore.

Sometimes we do not see this lack of attention as something negative and we continue making ourselves illusions that in the future will only cause us pain, for that reason you must know the Signs He’s Not Interested In You.

Signs He’s Not Interested In You

1. He stopped having initiative.

You are always the first to send a message or call either to know how he is or to wish him a happy day.

In case you do not, you could spend days without contact.

2. No longer offers to invite a meal.

Now he thinks that the best thing is for everyone to pay what they will eat.

While it is true that it is good that women also invite or take charge of what they are going to consume, when men never want to do it, it is a warning signal.

3. Refuses to go to your house.

In case you ask him to come to you at home or at work, he always has a pretext for not doing so.

Whether he is very busy, his car does not work or he is very far away from that place.

4. Cancels minutes before the meeting.

Even if you have made plans with much anticipation, it is normal that at the last minute he calls to tell you that something unexpected happened to him, an emergency or it is impossible to see you.

5. You no longer have intimacy.

It seems he is not interested in having intimate relationships with you.

Before he was always willing and even he was the one who took the initiative but from a time on now the flame of passion is asleep.

6. When he talks about his plans you do not appear in them.

You realized that when he talks about what he plans to do in the short, medium or long term, he does not mention you.

As if he did not visualize you in his life for long.

7. Every time you fight more often.

Conflicts occur in all relationships, but when these are too often and exceed the moments in which you are happy, they are usually a problem.

In case you have realized that he does not mind hurting your feelings, things are not good at all.

8. He does not care to make you wait.

In case you have agreed to meet somewhere, he does not take the trouble to arrive early, but on the contrary, he is unpunctual and is not able to give an apology.

9. The details are over.

In the past he always tried to make you feel good with some object or gift, now the details no longer exist.

He does not take the trouble to give you a chocolate, a flower and even a message of love.

10. You stayed out of his social activities.

If he goes with his friends you are not invited, much less to his family events, in fact, you find out through his publications on social networks.

Everything seems to indicate that he does not want other people to see him by your side.

11. Spends more time with his cell phone than with you.

Although he never answers when you call him or send him a message; when he is with you, he is always aware of his cell phone, in fact, he spends most of his time checking it.