Reasons Why Men Suddenly Disappear

You met a boy who caught your eye. He asked you out. You had a date, and then … just like that, “disappeared” from the face of the earth. What happened? You’re still wondering. Did you make a mistake? Maybe. But maybe the biggest one was him.

Reasons Why Men Suddenly Disappear

Given these possibilities after a date, we give you the reasons why they disappear.

4. He wants to remain a good memory.

You got a very good impression of himself on the first (and only) date. So much, that he preferred to disappear before you got to know him more thoroughly, and you get to disappoint yourself. Better a good stranger than an evil to know …

3. Thinks you’re unstable.

Most men do not want to feel responsible for an emotionally unstable woman. Perhaps you have said or done something that gave him that impression, I mean, just his idea. It is a situation to analyze.

2. You took your work with you.

One of the discomforts of this century, of independent and hardworking women, is that in a date, the professional within us escapes us. Some order you give him, you choose the placeĀ and leave the tender side at home. Few men like this, and decide to disappear.

1. Not emotionally available.

He has recently completed a long engagement, or split long enough, but still, does not want to commit to a new relationship. He may be comparing you or enrolled without much enthusiasm on a dating site. But be calm, it is not your job to fix his problem, but move away before you get hurt.

Stop mortifying yourself, that if he has not called again and disappeared, he is doing you good. If it is a man who is not ready to compromise, all your attempts to conquer him will be in vain.

There is a lot of fish in the sea, do not stay crying for just one!