Reasons Why He Does Not Call You

Have you ever wondered what happened to the life of that boy you were dating?

Did you hang out with a guy and out of nowhere he walked away from you?

Perhaps all this time you asked yourself what happened between you because you have not received any call or text message to know if he is still alive.


Therefore, here we reveal six reasons to get you out of doubt about the relationship you thought you had been carrying.

Do not fool yourself anymore!

Reasons Why He Does Not Call You

1. You are not a priority for him:

Probably he has been dating other girls and there he met someone else that he liked more.

However, this does not happen in all cases, because that person would also have left because of a family problem or the short time he has, due to workload.

The next time you go out with someone new, make sure you ask if he’s dating more people, so you’ll avoid those dramatic soap operas we all do when we’re not sure of something.

2. He thinks you are not interested:

He does not call you because he may think that you are not interested in the relationship or the possibility of going out with him.

Maybe he feels that you are going to reject him and men do not like to be ignored!

If you show any sign of interest, he suddenly may rethink what he thinks of you.

3. He is just looking for fun:

He just wants to have a good time and the solution is to flee as quickly as possible so as not to have several problems.

If you are one of the girls that fall in love easily, then this type of men is not for you.

4. He was not motivated:

Men are motivated and intrigued by a girl who does not give everything on the first date, and we are not referring only to the sexual issue.

Love does not flow in these cases.

5. He was just being polite:

It’s hard to tell a person at the end of a date that you enjoyed the moment, but you didn’t feel anything related to love.

Try telling him before he commits any infidelity.

6. Thinks you are not for him:

They also realize when women do not feel a real interest when going out with them.

You’re already warned!