Reasons Whey Men Decide To Stay “Single”

Marriage and family are very important institutions in society, however, there are those who flee from this commitment. This time we share the reasons why men decide to stay single.

In the study “Those Who Marry: Which Men Marry and Why,” by sociologist David Popenoe of the Rutgers University of New Jersey, it is pointed out that men who believe in marriage are those who come from traditional families and with religious practices.

On the contrary, 20% of men surveyed show negative attitudes towards women, children, and marriage.

Reasons Whey Men Decide To Stay “Single”

Here we share 7 current reasons why they decide to stay single:

1. Economy.

There are two variants in this aspect, men who despite their maturity have not achieved economic stability, making them think that they can not provide sufficient resources to pay for family expenses.

On the other hand, there are those who live a fullness in their finances, and for that reason, they prefer to invest their earnings in themselves and not in a family.

2. Live the eternal party.

Many men will always carry a “young man inside” who wants to be the soul of social gatherings, stay in fashion and go out with their friends; By committing himself he feels that lifestyle will be lost.

3. Fulfill his dreams.

It is common in people to have aspirations, men are characterized by wanting to travel the world, owning a fashionable sports car, be a rock star or reach a high position in his workplace.

For this reason, some men prefer to remain single and postpone the idea of marriage for a long time afterward.

4. Fear of the girlfriend’s family.

There are cases in which when meeting the family of the girlfriend, the illusions of men are broken by the idea of having to live with someone of her relatives who he hasn’t like.

5. They prefer to live in a free union.

Living in this way gives men a relief and a feeling of freedom;

The fact of not being married represents a lower level of commitment for them and they are aware that sooner or later they can break up or take the next step of marriage.

6. Fear of divorce.

In addition to the fear of commitment, men fear the consequences of a separation, such as alimony and property rights.

7. They do not find the ideal girl.

Many men excuse themselves of being single because they can not find the woman of their dreams;

However, the search for an ideal prospect may be permanent, causing great opportunities to strengthen affective ties with another person to be lost.