Phrases A Man Tells You When He Doesn’t Love You

Know what are the phrases that a man says and that if you listen to them you must run away because he is not the right one for you.

There are some phrases that men say that reveal a lot of their personality and if you hear them it indicates that you must flee yes or yes or else you will get hurt, it is something like the warning sign of the television programs.

As we always want you to be aware of everything, here we show you all the toxic phrases that a man says and that he is not the one for you.

Phrases A Man Tells You When He Doesn’t Love You

1. Me, me and more me.

If the whole conversation is about his thoughts, how good he is, his projects and much more about him, it is because he clearly only cares about him and is not interested in hearing from you.

2. “My ex was crazy”.

From the creators of “we are separated but we live in the same house” comes “My ex was crazy” and this reflects that if he expresses himself this way of someone with whom he shared time, imagine what awaits you if he has just met you.

3. He gives you lessons in morals or “how you should be”.

If he tells you what you are doing wrong all the time and he wants you to follow his rules then he is not the one for you, since you are old enough to know what to do. Following the guidelines is part of a toxic relationship.

4. Macho phrases.

If you listen to a macho phrase, you know that you are facing an inveterate macho and there is no going back.