Photos that you should not send to a man

Technology has made things much easier when it comes to conquering a man: we can say or do things that we would not dare to do face to face with Facebook chat, WhatsApp or any other application.

It can also complicate our lives a bit if we do not have clear limits, so if you are hesitating at this moment whether to send a photo or not, I think it is better to know what are the 6 photos that you should not send to a man.

Photos that you should not send to a man

1. Series of photos.

You may think that the guy you’re flirting with loves to watch everything you’re doing at all times of the day, or you’ve really woken up with a good face and want to let him know how pretty you are.

You can send several at some special time, but no more than three per day, every day, because it may sound a bit strange.

A different thing is that he asks for a particular picture, that is totally different and it does not matter if it is a thousand … If he wants it to be so!

2. The natural photo … that is not.

If you want to make a natural photo, let it be natural, not that you have perfectly applied makeup, combed hair, and the perfect outfit.

That is not natural, and men realize it.

What bothers them are those girls who say they look horrible to the natural when in fact, in the picture they are clearly perfect, they do not care if you wear makeup or not.

3. Pictures doing rude things.

No, it is not necessary to send a picture in which he clearly realizes that you are sitting on the toilet.

He knows you do your needs and he’s not going to be scared by it, but you would not want him to send you that picture either, right?

So, keep some privacy!

4. Photos of parties.

Probably you are doing this by pretending: to send photos that show how funny your life is so that the boy in question feels attracted to you.

But they find it quite strange that you send hundreds of photos like this …

With one or two it is enough and none is even better.

5. Photos with a friend.

Clearly, they are made to give jealousy.

And although on many occasions they are given, you can get the wrong answers: or simply he will think that you are interested in that boy, or feel hurt, or just make him think that you are in an “open relationship”.

So, our advice is: if you want to make him jealous, go with caution, the photos can have several interpretations.

6. Sexy photos.

Undoubtedly, the risqué photos have nothing wrong, the issue is knowing when is the right time to send them.

Perhaps, the best advice is to feel 100% safe with him, and know that he will not send it to everyone or hang it up on the Internet.

Everything can happen, and nobody is completely trustworthy, so, at a certain point, it is also risky.

It’s up to you.

Do you agree that these are the 6 photos that you should not send to a boy?

What pictures would you never send to a man you’re flirting with?