Mistakes that women make and that keep men away

Many times the causes of your love problems are yourselves women.

So, take these tips into account not to keep your man away!


Mistakes that women make and that keep men away

1. Demanding excessive attention.

Many times women seek to be the center of attention, they want the person they go out with to write to them all the time, call them and be with them 90% of the day.
This behavior only overwhelms and stops the conquest process.

2. Excessive jealousy.

Everyone at some point feels jealous when we like someone, but if we do not control these feelings we can lose the person next to us.

Post all the time he is “your boyfriend”, like all his photos, investigate all his friends, be hanging on his arm all the time and having behaviors of “madness” without foundations make him eventually move away.

3. Childish Tantrums.

Sometimes he is not going to be able to pick you up at work or he is going to cancel a movie because he has pending work.

Other times he just wants to rest at home or not wearing that shirt that you think looks so good on him.

And all this is valid, you cannot justify each “fight” by a whim of what you want (caused by a senseless tantrum).

All this only makes the other person feel overwhelmed and run away.

4. Control everything.

What he eats, with whom he goes out with, at the time he arrives, how he treats his family, his lunch hour, even how many times he goes to the bathroom.

He does not have to give you explanations of each step he takes.

You need to make him feel that you trust him, there is no other way forward.

5. Let go of individuality.

Assuming that you have to do everything for him and put aside your life and friendships to do what he wants.

You do not have to put aside your plans, just as he needs his space alone, you too.

Being too dependent only makes things end.

6. Believing in princes.

Not only do you expect to find the perfect man who has all the qualities of a boy taken from Disney, in addition to this you sink in a senseless drama where you always need to be “rescued”.

You do not give the image of being independent or secure.

You seek all the time to be the “lady in danger” so that a gentleman taken out of a movie comes to your rescue.

(Source: http://corazon.pe)