Mistakes of women when starting a relationship

Here we leave you today the 10 Mistakes of women when starting a relationship and that should be avoided if you want to make your relationship a long-lasting thing.

Mistakes of women when starting a relationship

1) Projecting in the future.

To think that when starting to go out with a man, he will marry you, have children, build his home.

It is better to live the present.

While the woman is planning to build, the man is thinking about keeping.

2) Seeing the man as the prince charm who will solve all her life.

She found the perfect man who will solve the financial problems, give her children, accompany her, fix the bathroom, wash the car and make her happy in all aspects.
Men feel when a woman sees them as their savior and that weighs too much.

3) I’ll get him no matter what!

“Now that I’ve found a good man, I won’t let him go no matter what” is what many women think.

The guy feels like a caged monkey.

Do not make the mistake of taking all his spaces, a man feels happy when he can have his personal moments.

4) Make it public.

You tell everyone that you have a relationship when you only went out three times, you publish it on Twitter and Facebook.

You write phrases like “Finding you was the best thing that ever happened to me”, “Today I return to believe in love”.

Go slowly! not all men like you to publish their personal life in so little time to get to know each other.

5) Loading the man emotionally.

Showing yourself desperate of love for the relationship, in need of affection, weak, who suffers for everything he does or says makes the man responsible for your mental and emotional health, it is too much burden to just be starting.

Men prefer safe, calm women who know how to take on life.

6) Making him everything very easy.

For the eagerness to like you, you do anything, even to become the perfect woman.

Men do not want that because their role of conquest is taken away from them.

Too much obedience is not so healthy in relationships and more so when it is beginning.

7) Going very fast.

Men and women fall in love at different times.

They, at first, can feel very much in love, but it is only a hormonal result that is reduced after the first three months.

Women, on the contrary, are more measured and as they see that the man conquers them, they are excited and hopeful, but they can fly very fast, fall off and give themselves very hard blows.

Men want to get everything fast, they even propose to live together, but it is not healthy to run.

It is better that you leave him with expectations, that you have your feet on the ground, keep your center, enjoy going out with him, but keep on maintaining your own life.

8) Accepting a non-ideal man.

It does not matter if you want a partner more than anything else, chose well.

Many women, as long as they are not left alone, continue alongside male chauvinist
men, unfaithful, liars, alcoholics, etc. Or that they do not really like or interest them.

Always keep in mind that you have the option to end the relationship.

9) Sex.

Men want sex right away and feel powerful when they satisfy women, so be prepared to enjoy yourself.

The question is not whether to do it soon or not, it is to do it when you can enjoy it.

It is not the best lover who makes the most positions, but the one that connects sexually and really enjoys the moment, in which two bodies and two beings come together.

10) Not having self-love.

A woman who does not know who she is or what she wants has no identity or strong interests and only begins to live the life of the man with whom she goes out, she loses all the attraction.

So the most important thing is that you are happy with yourself, and work on your self-esteem.

When you go out with someone, understand that he accompanies your life, but it is not his life and you have to continue with your projects and personal life.

More authentic women will always be more attractive than those who do not have a life of their own.

(Source: http://mia.perfil.com)