Manias of women that bother men

It is very common that as a woman you are constantly angry about things that you cannot stand of your partner, but have you asked yourself, what about your manias that bother them?

Manias of women that bother men

Manias of women that bother men

In this regard, Dr. Elisabeth Herrero Vila, a specialist in Family Medicine, assures that:

A mania, in its colloquial sense, is when you feel aversion or antipathy for something or someone.

The most important thing is to learn to live together, that is why Salud180 lists 7 Manias of women that bother men.

What they can not stand!

Manias of women that bother men

1. Unpunctuality.

Typical, I’m ready in five minutes!

But in reality, that time in many cases can mean 30 minutes or an hour.

Just this makes them come into conflict.

The unpunctuality reflects lack of organization and planning of time, in addition, it is little considered that you constantly make your partner wait.

A study from the University of San Francisco, California, United States, states that those who suffer from chronic delay show the same behavior of people with attention deficit disorder, some of its symptoms are: lack of attention, impulsive behavior and hyperactivity.

2. Girl’s voice.

If you think that by changing the tone of your voice and imitating that of a girl you will be more tender to him, it is not like that.

Research from the University College London, United Kingdom, confirm that men prefer female voices with a relatively acute tone because they associate it with small and narrow bodies, without these coming to resemble those of children.

 3. Go shopping.

Although men also like shopping, they are more practical, they do not take hours to choose clothes or shoes.

Another reason is that they also think that women often buy things they do not use.

In this regard, Lorrin Koran, professor emeritus of psychiatry at Stanford University, explains that this mania generates arguments for couples because the welfare state that you feel when you shop makes you take what you do not need and then you accumulate clothes or shoes because then you do not you wear them.

4. Insecurity.

This will lead you to distrust him and what you feel, and it will lead to unnecessary arguments.

Lynda Lampert, a medical specialist at Beverly Enterprises, says that when women are insecure they reflect it on their behavior and body language such as crossing their arms, stuttering or eating their nails, which bothers men.

5. Talking too much.

According to Carlos Silva, professor of neurology at the Clinical Hospital of the University of Chile, the voice of the woman has a longer intonation that tires men, since their brain takes longer to decipher what women say.

This is because the brain of men cannot connect the right hemisphere with the left hemisphere.

In them, only the left side of the language is activated, which is why it is difficult for them to express themselves more than women, according to studies of the Department of Anatomy of the Faculty of Medicine of the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

6. Makeup in excess.

Make-up makes you feel and look good, just be careful not to overdo it because instead of looking better it could be a disaster.

The study, carried out by researchers from Bangor and Aberdeen universities in the United Kingdom, states that men prefer that women look more natural.

7. Being possessive.

Men dislike feeling controlled.

If he notices that all the time you are waiting for your partner, where he is going, what he does, who he’s talking to and you question everything he does, you may end up getting him tired of you.

Although your partner dislikes certain attitudes of yours, it is possible to maintain a pleasant relationship by promoting mutual respect.

And you? What mania does it cost you to control?