How To Know If He Does Not Care About You At All And It’s Time To Run Away

Let’s put the cards on the table right now. If you are thinking that the boy you are dating does not love you, these are the signs that will confirm it.

It is very sad to know that the boy you like does not care, but you need to open your eyes.

Although your intuition shouts it in your ear, many times we get blinded and foolish for a long time.

It is better to say: “here he was, where he died”.

How To Know If He Does Not Care About You At All And It’s Time To Run Away

1. He is not pending of you.

The man you’re dating does not invite you to his meetings or does not seem to have time for you.

In fact, ignores what you post on social networks.

What is even worst, he does no even care if you arrived well at home yesterday, although you told him that you were going at night in the subway.

It is a clear sign that this man is not interested.

2. Tells you about other women.

This guy talks about his ex every now and then and, if that was not enough, he is also able to tell you about his old conquests.

He can even ask for advice to deal with and talk to other women.

The thing that surely breaks your soul, so it’s time to stop suffering.

This behavior will not change, I can assure you.

3. He does not want to meet you.

He can talk all night about himself, about work and many other things.

However, he is not the kind of men who ask you about the past or your experiences.

If the boy has no interest in knowing you, he certainly does not care, he may just want to have an affair with you.

4. Does not look at your eyes or tries to make contact.

That boy does not care if he does not look at you in the eyes or tries to have some physical contact with you.

If he moves away from you, takes off when you try to kiss him or avoids physical contact, it is clear that he is not interested.

It’s time to flee as far as you can from this guy.

I know it’s hard to run away from someone you’re excited about, but believe me when I tell you that if you’re interested in a man, he’s going to move heaven, sea, and land to be with you.

If he does not, it’s that he does not like you that much.