How to overcome that the man you like leaves you?    

Ending a love relationship is very difficult and, even more so, if it is he who has left you.

This is one of the most painful ruptures that exist because, generally, your self-esteem is seriously damaged and the guilt lies in wait for you at every moment.

How to overcome that the man you like leaves you?

At we look for an answer and we have selected a series of good tips that will help you to get ahead, to heal your heart and, we hope, to prepare you for your next relationship.

The first thing that psychologists and experts in human relations advise is:

How to overcome that the man you like leaves you?

1. Distract your mind.

Avoid thinking about the damage they have done to you, how badly you are doing.

This is a moment that you can take advantage not only to try to assess the positive and negative aspects of the relationship but to read, go to the movies, recover friends.

Highly recommended, start exercising (very important to start feeling better due to the generation of endorphins).

Think that a breakup generates depression that is overcome by going out and recovering true family and friends.

2. Take him out of your life.

If you think that is the only way to stop suffering, remove him from your cell phone, email and any other communication system.

This will prevent temptation from winning you and start sending text messages, which probably he will not even read.

3. Learn to relax.

Do not get overwhelmed or stressed, take a good bath, go to a spa weekend.

Learn to relax and clear your mind.

A breakup of a couple creates a lot of tension, which must be released.

4. Do not look for a substitute.

The most common mistake in a breakup is to find a substitute to soothe our pain.

The popular phrase: “a nail takes out another nail”, can become a double-edged sword because maybe it could help you, but in the long run it will become an empty relationship, without perspective or structure.

When a relationship ends there are always hurt people, but these wounds heal and help you grow.

The sentimental ruptures are among the hardest experiences to suffer.

When you really like someone and you have become accustomed to having them in your life, it can be difficult to cope with their absence.

However, with a good attitude and thinking first of yourself, you will forget and recover your way.