How To Overcome A Breakup?

Sooner or later, we’re all going to go through the horrible process of a love break up.

It is something unpleasant and painful (in most cases) and more when the relationship has been ended by the opposing party.

How To Overcome A Breakup?

How To Overcome A Breakup?

In psychological therapy is one of the most common issues, because going through this situation is not easy and many times, we get stuck on the road and we stagnate in sadness and obsession.

This is why I will try to give you some general guidelines to be able to go through all this in the best possible way and try to overcome it in a healthy and adaptive way.

How To Overcome A Breakup?

1. Cry, cry and cry again:

Unburden, scream, take the pain out, share it with others until you have no more tears to draw.

A breakup is a grieving process, so one has to go through different stages.

Crying will help you move on to the next steps.

2. Talk to friends:

Tell them what you feel, express yourself, analyze it, talk with your loved ones until you no longer want to talk.

3. Write:

It can help you see things more objectively, to structure and not forget things, both good and bad.

4. Keep busy:

Thinking about what happened is fine, but do not let it obsess you.

Do things, go out with people, work, play sports, try to keep your mind occupied.

5. Think positively:

Yes, being like that is a pain and all this hurts a lot, but try to be positive.

Of all the bad things you learn and over time, you even realize that breaking the relationship was the best thing.

Do not worry, you’ll fall in love again.

In this life, everything happens and things will get better.

6. Be rational:

Of course, there were good things, but if it was finished it was because bad things weighed more.

Do not forget the bad, that’s why you left it.

7. Do not punish yourself or blame:

It is not good for anything except to feel worse.

Eliminate those “and if …” from your vocabulary.

You can not pull back, what happened, happened and no matter how much you torment yourself things will not change.

You acted as you did because at every moment you thought it was the best, so, look forward and continue with your life.

8. Think of yourself:

It’s time to be selfish.

Forget the other and if it is doing or not.

Now it’s time to worry about yourself.

9. In times of crisis, do not make important decisions:

You are confused and you do not have clear ideas.

There are many changes already to make more than necessary.

In these moments you are in a cloud and it is better not to make important decisions because it is not the moment.

Later, when you are a little better you will have time to decide more clearly.

10. Let yourself be helped:

Your friends and your family are with you, ask for their help, let yourself be cared for, do not give up on them.

If, over time, you see that you are not improving, consult a psychologist, do yoga or meditation.

If you see that you can not do it by yourself, do not be ashamed or arrogant, ask for help.

11. Let the time of mourning pass:

Unfortunately, this process takes time, so for days, weeks or months, you will feel bad.

Take it easy, because you need time to digest all this.

12. Do not be impatient.

Continue with your responsibilities and obligations: But do not demand yourself either.

Life goes on and you can not leave everything. Even so, do not be overwhelmed, be compassionate and understanding with yourself.

13. Take care of yourself and love yourself:

Do things for yourself, go to the hairdresser, buy yourself something beautiful, give yourself a massage.

Pamper yourself and love yourself, you are the most important thing.

14. Close the chapter: And turn the page.

Life goes on, this is not the end. In the book of your life, this is just one more chapter.

With time it will cease to hurt and will become another memory.