How To Make A Man Afraid Of Losing You?

Have you ever felt insecure about the possibility of losing that man you love so much?

How many times have you filled him with attention trying him not to lose interest in you?

I know that with these two questions you might feel identified, but … What should you do when your partner stops trying and assumes that he will always have you by his side?

Well, it’s easy to avoid that happening, pay attention to how you can do it. Stay until the end.

How To Make A Man Afraid Of Losing You

1. Cut off the supply:

And maybe you wonder, what is the supply?

Well, with this I mean, to all the attention and details to which you have him accustomed and, and by being used to them, no longer value that you do.

Obviously, if you are always there feeding these details, your partner will not have any fear of losing them, so it is essential that you act by making him feel your absence and learn to value you much more.

2. Make him feel your limits:

A woman who feels self-love will never allow herself to be taken the wrong way.

In this sense, you should base your rules on the values that you really consider essential and always let them know to the person who is always by your side.

What happens if you do not set these limits?

Very simple, your relationship will only convey the feeling of being a game, that it lacks seriousness and there will be no true commitment; being this very dangerous if you really want him to try harder for you.

3. Make him hesitate:

Men are motivated by challenges and if they notice that something is already secure, they will not have a bit of interest in that.

What can you do about it?

Well, from time to time forget about him; believe me, this is not bad.

Do you remember when you first met and you made yourself a little interesting? Did this really work for you?

Well, if that’s the case, then why don’t you do it now?

Show him with your attitude that you are a valuable prize that he has to win.

By fully following these steps, you can make that man obsesses with you and take care of you as nobody else would.

You will see that little by little you will cease to be that dependent person in the relationship and you will take the place you deserve.