How to keep a man interested in you

How to keep a man interested in you

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Everything started well, but there came a point where things cooled. Gradually, he began having less time for you and excuses to avoid going out with you multiplied … Does this sound familiar? If this happened to you, there’s something you’re doing wrong which ends making men going away and boring them.

How to keep a man interested in you

Let’s be clear: you like a guy and you’re sure that he feels attracted to you. So why suddenly he lost interest? Maybe you’re making some mistakes without realizing it. We are not saying it’s your fault at all, but here’s how to keep a man interested in you.

Remember that men are simple. Do not complicate yourself so much. And keep in mind these three things next time you go out with someone:

Act naturally. Pretending to be interesting does not work, pretending to be something you’re not is not going to last long. You’re interesting, you just have to let him know. Prove your qualities and all those things that make you unique. Do not try to force him to like you.

Do not always be available. We understand that you will want to spend time with that person, but if you’re always there waiting for him to write you, he will notice. Give him time to miss you and think of you. Nor disappear completely. Extremes are never good.

Take things calmly. Do not ask him too many questions or you will make him feel like in an interrogation. Okay, you want to know him better, but remember that the concerned person is him. Show less than what you really want to show. When he sees that you are “difficult”, he will take it as a challenge.

I hope this tips will answer the question How to keep a man interested in you. Good luck!

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