Confessions That You Do Not Have To Make Your Boyfriend The First Month

Ok, before starting, I want to clarify that I do not pretend to fall into stereotypes, I know that not all women are the same, or that all do the same things.

This entry is a super generalized list of some things that it is better to let loose little by little in a relationship, especially not to overwhelm the simple masculine minds.

Now you will decide which ones apply to you and which ones do not.

Confessions That You Do Not Have To Make Your Boyfriend The First Month

1. Your hair extensions.

It’s not that you have to hide things or pretend to be who you’re not! No!

Just that these things have to be released little by little or he will feel that you are made of parts.

So, wait a little and after a month appear without them to see if he notices it.

2. The push-up.

It’s not about you getting complexes of your body and that’s why you have to keep secret that you use push up, no!

They are simply things you do not have to tell him, it’s not like you have to send him a statement and wait for his response.

So do not worry when the temperature rises, just do not disregard it.

3. Your obsessions.

Sooner or later he’ll find out, so why does it have to be sooner than later?

It is better not to warn him and that he discovers them little by little, so he has time to adapt.

4. Wrongful tastes.

If you like the Boy Band or if you love Justin Bieber.

Things like that, it is also better to dose them, to know you little by little so your guilty tastes do not define who you are.

5. Your tardiness.

Nobody likes unpunctual people, and letting it go like that when things are not so established is not a very good idea.

The best thing will be that he finds out by himself little by little and trains his patience.

6. Showing him your makeup case.

All men have the idea that women use makeup, it is normal for them, but not everyone knows exactly what you use, so taking out your mega suitcase and show it as if it were the most normal thing, can leave him a little disconcerted.

7. Do not bring out your childish voice.

When courtships have been just for a few months, it is normal that both talk like fools because love is in the air. But it is a normal process in love.

What is not quite normal is that at first, you take out your girl’s voice, that could give him an erroneous impression of yourself.

8. Do not take him shopping.

Do not do that to the poor man!

Those trips are like up to 6 months after you start going out, not the first month, do not be like that.

9. Jealous and possessive.

I know that not all women suffer from these diseases. But there are those who do, and to a rather disturbing degree.

If you are one of those, you have to learn to control yourself, and not just the first month.

Trusting is an important part, and if you can not do it even the first month, things will not end very well.

10. Your Insecurities.

All of us have insecurities, some deeper than others.

It is normal that with coexistence and talking these things come to the surface.

But the first month, do not get to ask the poor man: “Do I look fat?”.